Handmade Sterling Silver Nose Ring

Handmade Sterling Silver Nose Ring


Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Nose Ring.
~ 1mm = 18 gauge - 1mm.. The gauge is defined as the thickness of the jewelry item that you are going to wear through your piercing hole. The most common piercing size for a nose ring is an 18 or 20 gauge, which is equivalent to 1mm and 0.8mm.

~ 8mm Diameter = The two most common diameter sizes for nose hoops are 5/16″ (8mm) and 3/8″ (10mm). Individuals with larger noses or with large-gauge nose piercings may need rings with a larger diameter size. In this case, if possible, measuring a hoop that already fits can be a good benchmark.
Handmade with Love.


$10 + Postage in compostable courier bag

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