Michelle, born in Helsinki, Finland in1995 with South American roots, moved with her mother in 2003, and was raised in a small country town in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

She has always had a passion for creative Makeup Artistry.
In 2012 she studied to become a professional makeup artist in Christchurch, where her freelancing career kicked off.
In 2016 she moved back to Helsinki to refine and up skill at
Makeup Forever Academy, taking out the best scores in her class.

After that she landed an opportunity working on the most viewed Live TV Show in Finland, "MTV Tähdet, Tähdet",which she was a part of for 2 seasons.
During this time, she was also a beauty buyer, in house makeup artist for campaign images and product marketing manager for Cyber Shop.

She has been a part of many creative projects from TV, photoshoots, catalogues, bridal, fashion shows and festivals.


During her time in Finland, her other artistic vessels got reignited.

After the passing of her abuelo ( father's father ) in 2018, who was a talented and known painter, she picked up his paints and brushes, and found a natural flow. She has ever since been a self taught mixed medium painter, using mostly acrylic spray cans and oil paints to create her pieces.
She's metamorphing through each creation, pushing herself out of her comfort zones to continuously refine her techniques.

Now she works on many commission pieces and also has a mural at Green Superfood & Juice Bar at The Crossing, Christchurch.


Since moving back to Christchurch, New Zealand in October 2019 she has been successfully building her own Jewellery brand, Cameleon Shines.
She started off with self taught wire wrapping jewellery,  and with study at Hagley College Jewellery Design course through 2019, she was able to up skill and take her visions to new levels.
She dropped 2 successful collections through 2020, and is working on 4 collections through 2021.

Keep an eye on these.


This Piscean creator is now based back in Christchurch, NZ.
Always brewing up creative outflows.
Keep Woke.



For commissions, makeup bookings, collaborations and other inquiries, please get in touch via details below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

T. +64 27 3128228  |
Christchurch, New Zealand
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